Emergency Activations

Emergencies can happen at any moment. When an emergency is declared in Oakland County, ARPSC leadership will be notified of any response, if any, needed by the group. This response will then be communicated to the organization.

Activation Notifications

Notification of an activation will be based on need and be conducted using any of the following options:

  • Direct phone calls to members as needed
  • Direct text messages to members as needed
  • Text messages via TexCom to members as needed
  • eMail messages via TexCom to members as needed

During the August 2004 blackout, cellular phone systems became heavily overloaded due to the panic and uncertainty of the situation. Phone calls and even text messages were difficult if not impossible to get through. Under conditions similar to those, it is likely that none of the options above would be possible.

If you become aware of an incident that you believe the ARPSC may be activated for and have not received any of the above notifications, please take note of the following process.

To determine if the ARPSC has been activated, Turn on your radio to the W8OAK 2M repeater (146.9 MHz, 100 Hz PL). DO NOT TRANSMIT! LISTEN ONLY!. If a net has been activated, the net control station will periodically transmit instructions to operators on how to check in for the activation. Follow those instructions as given.

If no transmissions are heard on the frequency, the likelyhood is that the ARPSC has not been activated. If the incident continues, continue to monitor the W8OAK machine at least periodically in case we are activated.

Activation of Members

When activated, the net control station will provide instructions on how members should check in for activation. Things to be aware of if activated:

  • DO NOT SELF ACTIVATE! Stay in a safe place until instructed otherwise by the net control station.
  • Before checking in for activation, make sure you have taken care of any family issues.
  • Make sure you have any items, such as snacks, water, and medication that you may need.
  • Follow the instructions of the net control station as given. Those instructions may be the difference between a safe activation and injury.